Grate Detections LLC in Reno, Nevada, provides comprehensive on-site mobile drug testing services, utilizing the latest technology like the Smart Screens digital drug test system. Our services cover a range of drug testing needs, including pre-employment screening, post-accident testing, reasonable suspicion testing, and random drug testing. Contact us any time for a quote! Digital, Read More

What Reno Private Investigators Do? What do Reno private investigators and private detectives in Nevada do in their field? Reno private investigators and private detectives must properly collect and document evidence so that it may be used in a court of law. Private investigators and private detectives in Reno search for information about legal,, Read More

Private Investigators in Reno: Providing proof of value is important to Grate Detections. A recent tech scandal saw a major online private investigator service go under due to massive fraud that offered an idea of an online portal to connect hopeful clients to PIs…but instead cheated investors and used funds for everything from jewelry, Read More

Why a free background check? Because, we feel it is important to give our clients what they are looking for. If you would like to know more about how to receive free background check or drug test please contact Grate Detections.