Private Investigator Divisions Reno

The private investigators at Grate Detections in Reno and Las Vegas are developed to be specific for individual needs.  We have trained teams in all divisions that we offer for investigative needs.

The Criminal Defense Team is designed with years of criminal defense experience behind them.  With certifications as expert witnesses in almost all jurisdictions in Nevada Courts we will provide exactly what you are looking for.

A fully developed Surveillance Team. Trained by Senior Investigators and monitored to make sure that the specific needs are met for the client’s needs.

Our Process Serving Division is set up to make sure your process serving needs are met.  We serve after hours and on weekend/holidays to make certain your service is taken care of.  Our fees are much less than any other process serving company in Nevada.

The Background Division is made up of expert researchers that will locate all records that exist with the court systems, Law Enforcement divisions and any other locations that records may exist.

We have a full Mobile Drug Testing Divisions set up to conduct on-site drug testing for your needs. We can conduct Hair and Urine Drug Testing with rapid results and lab based results for confirmation.

We offer so much more just ask…..