Asset Search

Asset Searching is a very fine art when you are looking for assets that “don’t exist” any longer because the other party has them “hidden” where they “think” they are safe.

We have the ability to search out almost any asset to include but not limited to, Bank Accounts – Local, Nationwide, Brokerage. Cell Phone Information; Employment Verification; Credit Reports; Phone Research; and Skip Tracing.

Grate Detections will attempt to locate assets in financial and real estate holdings; automobiles; boats; aircraft; real property; stocks and bonds and cash asset.  Any tangible items that could be considered an asset we will do our best to locate and confirm.

The asset data can be used for litigation purposes prior, during or after to determine attachments. Maybe the asset information is being used to verify or refute financial information provided by opposing parties for a settlement agreement or a collection process.

We will assist you in getting the most information possible to strengthen your case to obtain the assets.