Process Serving

Grate Detections offers fast process serving services any day of the week, including holidays, after hours, and rush services. As experienced professionals, we won’t “just try it one time” like the other guys. Our attempts will be completions not 3 attempts and send you an affidavit. Our rates will beat the others call for prices too low to list.

  • Subpoenas
  • Summons
  • Postings
  • Court Document Filings
  • Court Document Retrievals
  • Pretrial Demand Notices
  • Acknowledgements

When important documents need be served, don’t rely on the amateurs, call the professionals. Grate Detections will be your premier source for all your process serving needs.

Our team will make sure your service is done correctly and fast.  We serve after hours and holidays to make sure your needs are met.  We are much cheaper than all others.  this in no way indicates that we are not better we just don’t like to take advantage of our clients.

Process serving is not always just a knock and talk. being licensed as a private investigator and having our Investigative license as well allows us to conduct surveillance, canvas neighborhoods, talk with people and do everything we can to make sure your service gets done in a fast manner. we will always go the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied.

We offer and go the extra mile as we will normally file in your service at the local courts so that you done have to.  All you need to do is show up for your designated court date and provided the courts your documents for your court case.

Our fees are attached to the filing papers. in an event that you win your case all your fees will be awarded back to you including out fees for service.  In return we can then assist with the execution of the judgement for your case.  Locating bank accounts and assets.

Why call anybody else when we offer all you will need.