Private Investigation – What is it?

Private investigation, what is it? Investigations are conducted by professional licensed individuals.  Don’t get caught up in the “online data base” game.  There is nothing online that is going to take place of a private investigator with experience to locate what you are needing. Investigations are made of facts, or should be.  We are fact finders and will only report facts back to our clients.  Sometimes facts and evidence of the investigation are not what you want us to locate but it is what we are going to provide.

Private investigations takes experience along with knowing what we are looking for. Why we are looking for it and what the goal of our client are.

Investigations cover a very large area of expertise.  From backgrounds, surveillance, process serving and security we cover it all and include mobile drug testing as well.

Per Nevada NRS 648 the Private Investigators Licensing Board requires any person conducting investigation to be licensed under the PILB our license number is 1782 for Nevada and 188095 for California PI.