~~~~~~Finger Printing~~~~~~


Our finger Printing Point of Contact – 775-691-6527


We provide the best Pre-Employment screening available in Nevada. With the Private Investigators Licensing behind our years of experience in Law Enforcement, we are offering what NO other agency can offer. Grate Detections LLC, DBA Priority1 is the ONLY private Investigation firm with the ability to have Finger Printing as yet another option in leading the industry in what we do. 

We are able to conduct Pre-Employment Screening on a level untouchable by any other Private Investigative agency in Nevada, or any other Pre-Employment Screening agency.  

Our seasoned Licensed investigators offer knowledge and experience above all others in the industries. 

We are able to conduct Finger Printing for backgrounds, Pre-Employment, Work Cards, etc. anything you need your Fingerprints for we are able to run them via LiveScan through our Nevada Department of Public Service State Certified LiveScan Finger Printing kiosks. 

Background Checks, Drug Testing, Work Cards, LiveScan you name it. We are your one stop firm for all your needs.