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Grate Detections LLC | Private Investigator Reno Reviews | Top Rated Local®

Grate Detections has been voted Best of Business for 8 years in a row and planning on many years to come.  Voted Best Private Investigators in Nevada for multiple reasons.  Offering important things like integrity, honesty, results just to name a few. Law firms, private citizens, companies and other, all depend upon our speed and factual results.

Grate Detections specialize in Criminal / Civil Defense, Process Serving, Security, Mobile Drug Testing, Finger Printing and so much more.  Being the ONLY firm that offers everything that you need, and the ONLY firm that offers every Private Investigators Licensing and Drug Testing.

Being the most reliable firm, with staff that is composed of some of the highest-ranking retired SEAL team members, retired military, and retired law enforcement.

Our Google reviews are factual and not made-up names and reviews, they are real people from actual case, unlike other reviews out there that are fake and generated by owners. We have the documentation to back our reviews from our clients.

Integrity, Honesty and reliability are what we pride our firm on. Our name speaks volumes in our community along with our work product.