Security Profile / Staff


We have been Vetted by the Nevada Private Investigators Licensing Board for Private Investigations, Process Serving, and Private Security (PILB 1782). We are also cleared by the BSIS in California for Security and Private Investigations (PI 188095).

Dustin Grate:

Nevada Native, working for the past 24 years in both a law-enforcement capacity as a Patrol Deputy, Private Investigator and School Resource Officer in the greater Reno, Sparks, and Carson City area. owner of “Grate” Detections, LLC and it was established in 2005, a Nevada based Mobile Drug Testing Company after starting my investigative carrier in 2002. Providing quality, fast, efficient and cost-effective mobile drug testing. Urine or Hair based drug testing with lab-based confirmations included. Expanding into doing alcohol testing and family court drug testing along with private testing. P.O.S.T. certified with advance P.O.S.T. and Advance Reserve Certificates. Man Tracking course, with Classes in Criminal Justice and Psychology studies. Certified by DATIA for Alcohol and Drug Testing. Owner of (2) Investigative Companies and License in Nevada PILB 1782 and California PI 188095. An accomplished Investigative Professional with experience in investigations, surveillance, background checking, capital cases, murder investigations, mitigation expert experience, criminal defense, criminal prosecution, security/executive protection, and process service on numerous, simultaneous cases. A background in collaborating with law enforcement and knowledge of the legal system has made for an outstanding investigator in his career. Numerous “major crimes” cases investigated with successful outcomes for both the defense and the prosecution. District Attorney’s Investigator for Lander County. Taking care of internal investigations, prosecution investigations and county wide investigations. Also, the School Resource Officer for Bishop Manogue Highschool and the Rifle Team Coach. Certified in almost every court’s jurisdiction in Nevada as an expert witness both for investigative purposes and drug testing. Used for jury selections and monitoring jury during trials. Mitigation interviews for capital cases and murder cases. Child interviews for sexual assault cases. Work comp investigations, slip and fall investigations, work place violence evaluations and executive protection.


Steve Has spent thirty-nine years in law enforcement with extensive operational, policy development and executive level experience in all aspect of the profession. The emphasis on Steve’s experience is grounded in progressive efforts to improve departmental performance in community policing and problem solving; critical incident and emergency management; threat and vulnerability assessments; active and coordinated attacks events; homeland security; tactical operations, and the development of comprehensive training programs at the local, state, national and international levels. Steve was instrumental in the development of many regional law enforcement programs in Washoe County and influenced the collaborations needed to make those programs effective. He possesses a Master’s in Public Administration; is a graduate of the John F. Kennedy School’s Executive Leadership Program; the Naval Post Graduate School’s Homeland Security Program; the, Center for Defense Security Excellence (CDSE); the U.S. Army War College Leadership Program, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) National Academy. Steve has consulted for the USDOJ for over 20 years and has taught at the FBI Law Enforcement Leadership Executive Development Program. Steve possess decades of experience working to develop programs that impact law enforcement culture nationally and working closely with specialized units in the U.S. military. Upon Steve’s retirement, he possessed an FBI Top Secret clearance.


Chuck Has 40 years of extensive operational experience including 20 years of Naval Special Warfare experience as a Leading Senior Chief Petty Officer on the U.S. Navy’s SEAL Teams Two and Six where he was responsible for planning, coordinating, and performing high-risk combat operations worldwide. Since retirement from active duty, Chuck has become recognized as a counter terrorism and security expert, and he currently advises law enforcement and military teams performing hostage rescue and counter terrorism operations throughout the world. Chuck has performed decades of service to multiple U.S. State Department diplomatic missions involving physical security arrangements and movements of key personnel. His tactics and capabilities were honed through years of surviving ambushes, IED, suicide bomber attacks, vehicle improvised explosive devices (IED) and ground force attacks with no loss of life and maximum survival of resources. Chuck’s reputation for success has made him a requested resource to analyze and improve Diplomatic Security protocols for foreign Presidents and Prime Ministers in El Salvador, the Philippines, Bosnia-Herzegovinian, Singapore, Haiti, Afghanistan, Iraq and China. Other contract services for which Chuck has been responsible have included evaluation of corporate emergency action plans, physical security arrangements, and personal security enhancements for executive level staff personnel working in high-risk global regions (Africa, Middle East, India, and China).

Clayton S:

Clayton has over 20 years of experience in the military, defense, and security sectors. After leaving the military, Clayton worked for the Department of Defense as well as various military contractors. He is proud to have served as a USAF Ammo troop, a career field commonly known as the proverbial “black sheep” of the United States Air Force. Clayton held a Top-Secret security clearance during his tenure with the DOD and JT4, a division of Raytheon.  Clayton was a project manager for various integration projects related to 5th generation platforms. He is the CEO of Executive Intelligence Solutions, a firm which provides consultation and contract services to private military contractors.  Clayton is one of the world’s leading experts on foreign military sales, ITAR, and international risk management for companies looking to diversify their global footprint. He is well versed and experienced on a wide facet of security and intelligence operations with his current primary focus is on protective intelligence, mass shooting education, social engineering, competitive intelligence, and human behavioral analysis. Clayton earned a Master’s in Project Management and is currently a Doctoral Candidate studying global security at American Military University. Clayton is well-known for his ability to analyze complex situations from a macro perspective, incorporating business market conditions with political and global security considerations.   Clayton is the Division Chief of Grate Detections charged with the Las Vegas market.

Bill S:

Bill has 27 years experience working in state government, which includes 24 years as a fraud investigator. Bill has held numerous positions in the investigative field, which include: Investigator, Supervisory Investigator, and Chief Investigator.  As Chief Investigator, he was responsible for overseeing the Division’s criminal prosecution and program integrity unit, which investigated and prosecuted fraud for federal and state programs. In addition, he was responsible for child support paternity investigations, food stamp trafficking and internal investigations within the agency. Bill has excellent investigative and data analysis abilities. He’s highly capable of solving problems and finding reasonable solutions. He possesses knowledge of criminal laws and applies it to active cases. In 2015, he was awarded the State of Nevada, Good Government, Great Employees Award by Governor Brian Sandoval. This award was due to Bill’s conscientious efforts that saved the State of Nevada over $2,000,000. Because of his implementation of this procedure, the State of Nevada continues to save millions of federal & state dollars. Prior to his employment with state government, Bill honorably served in the United States Air Force and Nevada Air National Guard.

Franz F:

Franz raised in Las Vegas; Nevada has been a local for over 20 years. Obtained his education at Arizona State University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Operations Management and a minor in Small Business from the Fulton School of Engineering. Having a keen eye for detail he pursued consultant due diligence work investigating small, medium, and large companies.

Jenni B:

Jenni is a great asset to our team with general Investigations, Process serving and marketing director she always gets the job done.

Jason B:

Jason is Former Military with high level security clearance, Jason brings our security and investigative team to an entire new level.

Leah W:

Leah is one of our general Investigators, Surveillance, Process Serving and marketing director.

Scott C:

Scott is another on of our general Investigators, Surveillance, Process Serving and Security personnel. Scott covers all needed aspects of Grate Detections.

Peter L:

Peter is another one of our Security advisor and Private Security.

Britton K:

Britton is another one of our Security advisor and Private Security