Attorney Support

The investigators at Grate Detections are highly trained in multiple areas of investigations so they are able to benefit the attorney and the client.  When an attorney is able to depend on the investigator to get factual and useful information that can be used for the defense or prosecution of a case, it can be the difference between freedom of life or life without it for the client.  This allows the attorney to focus upon the case at hand and not the research that needs to be done or locating a witness that is pivotal in a case.

The use of an experienced investigator to conduct interviews, locate witnesses, track down assets, assist in jury selections, and be able to testify in court allows the attorney to be an attorney and not become a witness in their own case. The cost of using an investigator verse using the attorney or their staff is much less expensive for the client, but with the same benefits and the same desired outcome.

Being able to tailor each investigation to the attorney’s needs is what we do best.  We are able to adjust on the fly and adapt to what is needed in variable situations.  Situational awareness is not taught, it is learned and applied to each case.