Cheating Spouse

Do You Need To Find Out If Your Spouse Is Being Unfaithful? Are you tired of suspecting and putting up with lies, yet are uncertain on what to do? Here are some of the most frequent signs something may not be right.

  • Suspicious cell phone activity – hiding their phone, putting a secret password on their phone, deleting text messages or calls from their call logs, are some of the most common signs of suspicious cell phone behavior.
  • Not answering the phone, especially when you know they should be available, whether at home or office.
  • Suspicious internet activity. Does your spouse have a private, password protected login, particularly for reasons that seem unnecessary in a monogamous relationship? Have they quickly closed or deleted screens when surprised by your appearance?  Is their internet history constantly deleted?
  • Buying of new clothes, new perfume or cologne? Has your partner suddenly started doing their own laundry?
  • Evasiveness – often after being caught in small lies, a cheating spouse begins to take steps to avoid further exposure of other lies they might have told you.  Since a long list of untruths can be difficult to impossible to accurately remember and keep straight, unfaithful individuals try hard to avoid any possibility of exposure altogether. Avoiding conversations or confrontations they know the more they talk the more they will put themselves at risk.

Oftentimes in these matters, people will try to be their own private investigators and sometimes that effort can pay off. But for many reasons this may also not be the best approach. Your deep emotional involvement and interests, the gnawing and nagging thoughts and feelings of going back and forth between “certainty” and “uncertainty” can take a serious toll. Working late often may not mean a spouse is cheating. But in many cases, it can. Wouldn’t it be better to get the facts, the evidence, and put the matter to rest either way? The same methods we use to gather evidence for professional fields can also be used for the personal, along with a few more. Call today if you suspect your spouse is cheating and you need to know the truth.