Security Consulting & Executive Protection

Grate Detections will be conducting security consultation in three primary core areas; threat assessments, security program overview, and soft skill training.  All services can be scaled and custom tailored to client specifications, but it is our intent to provide a broad level overview of each of the aforementioned core areas.

            Threat assessments will be conducted in cooperation with host property and will likely include; physical examination of property, testing of doors and windows, key control inquiry, local crime rate statistics, open source intelligence threats, and staff interviews. Currently there are no plans to conduct “red team” type penetration testing. 

            When evaluating an existing security policy, we will be looking for areas of improvement but our services will NOT include actual policy writing.  We evaluate the plan against the known information and offer our opinion on areas worth considering changing/improving. If asked by client, we will watch and evaluate drills such as active shooter, shelter in place, fire drills, and other emergency/contingency exercises. 

            Finally, our soft skill training will be focused on the larger more macro and philosophical areas such as but not limited to; de-escalation, mass shooter education, advanced situational awareness, disaster preparedness, operational and communication security.  We have no intent to provide hands on tactical type instruction but will instead refer our clients to one of the many highly qualified industry partners we work with. 

            Our security consultation mission is to provide the most up to date information possible as well as the exploration of theory, perhaps even competing theories regarding security.  We will strive to provide our clients with the arguments supporting or opposing aforementioned philosophies, with the goal being that organizations have the necessary and relevant information to make up their own minds regarding their security.