Surveillance and counter surveillance

Surveillance and counter surveillance. We will provide the answers that you are looking for. If you have a worker’s comp claim, or any type of insurance claims and believe some type of fraud is being committed during these difficult economic times. When the fear of infidelity becomes a part of your life and you need answers, let us provide the truth that you are seeking. We can capture evidence using sophisticated equipment real time GPS tracking, bugs, video, photography and much more to get the job done. Comprehensive reports are always provided upon request.

Providing AOE/COE cases for insurance purposes.

Our team of investigators have been trained by Senior Investigators and monitored for quality and perfection.  We tailor all our surveillance to meet the clients needs. providing back exactly what is needed. We will provide full reports, daily logs, full surveillance videos, photos and recordings of all events.  We have our team provide time marking for all surveillance to show time stamps, locations, dates, times and relevance.


Counter surveillance refers to measures undertaken to prevent surveillance. This may include bug sweeping, or the detecting of electronic surveillance devices such as covert listening devices and visual surveillance devices, it may also include human countermeasures and strategies. No matter what methods are employed or necessary, the goal of counter surveillance is to reduce the risk of surveillance. Grate Detections offers highly skilled and experienced professional expertise in counter surveillance.
With expert knowledge of what it takes to conduct a perfect surveillance, we pass that expertise on to our clients for exceptional work product to be used for court, personal use or any other needs. Licensed to conduct surveillance gives us this ability. Don’t get caught up in illegal activity let the experts take care of your needs so you don’t end up in a jam.