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Background checks nationwide v. statewide


Nationwide background checks v. Statewide background checks. Is there a difference? If you use a private investigator you bet there is going to be a difference in your return product.

Absolutely there is. Nevada being one of many states and counties that are non-reporting. This means that Nevada doesn’t report to “online databases” so when your corporate office states that they are doing your nationwide backgrounds. Guess what…. you are not getting what you think or what you are paying for. Don’t be a victim of being charged for a nationwide or a statewide background that is just a “database” background. Did you know that Nevada offers a gross misdemeanor …? wait what is that??? Yes, gross misdemeanors are morally crimes that were felonies but negotiated down to a gross misdemeanor.

We have two companies that are FCRA certified… and Both are private investigators, and both are licensees in Nevada PILB 1782 and California 188095. Theses licenses allow us to operate in any state and conduct investigations nationwide. With the ability to provide actual and factual background check. Investigations. Process serving. Mobile drug testing and much more.

The liabilities that you take on, offering back to your clients at any level, that you have provided them with a full background check when it has not been conducted by a licensed investigator are 10-fold wrong and can end up being a major liability in the long run.

Give us a call anytime or check out our websites to confirm what we are talking about. Do your research on your background companies to make sure they cover the state and counties you need. Best of all check out the return times. We offer 3-5 day turnaround times that are normally much faster than that. Most companies offer 6-8 weeks.

Give us a call anytime for free consults and answers to your questions and needs. [email protected] 775-691-6527

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Grate Detections was awarded the number 1 ranked in Nevada for Private Investigations by the three best rated.


Dustin Grate Jui Jitsu in competition as a blue belt a few years back nogi

WE are part o fEDAWN in Nevada for many great reasons




Private investigation is all about fact finding. When conducting interviews don’t allow yourself or the attorney to conduct the interviews. This will only help you end up in court as a witness. When the investigator conducts the interview then the investigator is now the witness and it is protected by attorney client privilege.