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Background checks and pre-employment background checks are normally performed by private investigators for the purpose of getting the truth about a subject’s history or background. Reno private investigators are skilled in getting the records that are buried in the court system. Many states, and counties such as Washoe County in Nevada, are what is known as a “non-reporting” state. These non-reporting states and counties don’t report to any online background checks or background screening database. So, pre-employment background screening companies or corporations that suggest you are getting a pre-employment or employment background checks can be misleading, and expose you to liabilities in the long run. Employment screening companies would rather provide mass results, rather than fact and actual reports of facts by hand checking all courts and records. Background check costs will vary depending on local or nationwide searches, as there are many variables for a background report or a background investigation.

Wondering where to get a background check in Reno, or complete a background check for a job? Private investigators, or detectives sometimes known as private eyes, can provide everything that you are looking for. Sometimes it is a good idea to search the web for private investigators near me. However, always search the Google reviews to protect yourself. They can also provide private security contractor or private security companies for you to use.

Private investigators jobs are to find the facts that free background checking services won’t find, or background checking companies can’t do. From criminal investigations to basic personal background checks are conducted on a very professional level. From a local background check to a national or nationwide background check, Grate Detections conducts the best background checks possible in the quickest fastest possible time.

A private investigator Reno license is monitored by the PILB in Nevada. To hire a fraud investigator or special investigator in Reno for your cases, you might want to shop around and search Google reviews looking at criminal investigators and how much a private investigator costs. Remember: you “get what you pay for” is always a good gut reaction.

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